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Foster and Adoption Applications

Interested in fostering or adopting one of our pets? Please click on either the foster or adoption buttons to fill out an application. Please know that this is not first come first serve. We place our animals in the best home that fits their individual needs, behavioral needs, and comfort levels. We work extremely hard to make sure that all of our placements are successful for the animals as well and their foster or adoptive homes. 

Adoption Fees and Policies

All of our animals will be fully vetted by the time they are adopted. All dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption unless the dog is underage or too medically fragile for this procedure. If a dog is not altered prior to adoption, the adopter MUST foster (to adopt) the dog until it is altered and complete the Foster Agreement accordingly. LHRR will cover the full alteration expense only if the procedure is performed at the veterinary hospital of our choosing. Should you elect to utilize your own veterinarian, ADOPTER will pay the fees and LHRR will reimburse, up to a maximum of $100 of the total cost of the procedure.

All adopters must keep their dog up to date on all vet care including vaccines and preventatives as recommended by their veterinarian.


While in the care of LHRR all dogs will receive DHPP, rabies, bordatella, and leptospirosis as needed or as recommended based on the dog’s medical history, needs, and situation. Vaccines as well as heartworm test will be conducted at intake. All dogs will receive monthly heartworm prevention medication while in the care of LHRR.

Adoption Fees:

Adult dogs: $250

Puppies: $350

Seniors (9+): $150

**All fosters and adopters will be subject to a home check and background check of all adults in the home**

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